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A review of Bloodsucking Fiends

by Christopher Moore

Razor sharp observations and acid commentary on modern life surround this frenzied, hilarious vampire adventure.

Reviewed by: A.J. Kohn
About A.J. Kohn

Bloodsucking Fiends This is not your father's vampire story. Forget Anne Rice and Lestat. Don't look for a fine rendering of the history and mythology of vampires and gorgeous descriptions of frilly Brad Pitt costumes in the Bayou. Instead, think Jerry Seinfeld meets the Gap meets Dracula. Bottom line, Christopher Moore's 'Bloodsucking Fiends' is hilarious. Full of biting wit it rolls along in a frenzy of action and comedy sure to make anyone laugh.

C. Thomas (Tommy) Flood comes from Incontinence, Indiana to live in San Francisco and write great novels. He's escaping a stereotypical mid-America lifestyle where dad began to talk to him about retirement planning when he turned eighteen. Tommy's Volvo dies in Chinatown and he shacks up with the Five Wongs, who wind up trying to marry him to gain permanent residence in the US. Tommy works at the Safeway and hangs out with a motley crew of coworkers dubbed the Animals and partakes in bowling competitions with frozen poultry.

Jody on the other hand is attacked and turned into a vampire. She will be the same weight for eternity and laments that she won't be able to take off those five extra pounds . ever. Practical woman that she is, she knows she'll need some help, an assistant, to help her get things done during the day. And as fate and any good plot would have it, Jody and Tommy meet and hit it off. Together they deal with Jody's distinctive condition, her urge to drink blood, dodge cops and run from a creepy elder vampire.

The furious pace and crackling dialog don't allow you to think long and hard about the plot. This is a good thing since the plot isn't the point. The razor sharp observations and acid commentary on modern life make this book undeniably readable. If you're offended easily or are a staunch proponent of political correctness, then I suggest you look for other reading material. Everyone is fair game for Moore's critical eye. One of my favorite lines is his description of Gap employees as 'an evil khaki wave.'

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Copyright © by A.J. Kohn, 2003

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